Saturday, March 28, 2009

♥A Little of This and That♥

I was very busy merchandising yesterday, did a complete reset of books and coloring books etc. JP helped me, no way could I have done this all myself. We had to take down the old books and shelves and put up new racks, signage, and price labels. Then place the new books up on the racks. As it stood, I started at 10:30am and did not finish the job till 9:00pm. By the end of the day every muscle and bone in my old body ached. I did have two other jobs to do in the store, audit cleaning products and stock greeting cards, straighten and order new ones. I would be happy if I could have a couple more of those jobs. Not so strenuous. Greeting cards I can handle.

Well, today JP and I went to Golden Coral for dinner. Dangerous, I go with good intentions not to over eat, but it gets the best of me. Steak was delicious, with cheesy fries, broccoli, bread and salad.....................I should have stopped there, but no, had to have a few other things, shrimp, tuna, crackers, ice cream, peach cobbler, cheese bread. I am stuffed now, it is no wonder I am over weight. Guess that is one thing we like to eat.

I told JP what we spent tonight $25 could buy food for 3-4 days at Save a Lot. Oh well, we so very seldom go out and do something. JP said we could splurge alittle once in a while.

I watched a good movie today from Netflex. It is called "Australia"...........gosh that is beautiful country. Why in the world would people from Australia leave to come here. But anyways, good story and Hugh Jackman is such a handsome dude and truly he is sexy. Good story line, at times hard to follow, but maybe it is one of those moves that has to be watched a couple of times. Nicole Kidman was good too. Try and watch it. Very good. Another good movie to watch is "The Greatest Game Ever Played" with Shia LeBouef. A true story about Francis Ouimet Amature golfer in 1913 who played against the greatest golfer of all time, Harry Varnon played by Stephen Dillane. Really neat story, and one that can be watched and you never grow tired of it. I finally bought a copy of my own, and can watch it anytime. But of course, Shia played a great game of golf and he is easy to watch.

Hip, hip, hooray..........I sold a card on my etsy store...........gosh that made my day. A lovely snowflake card. This week I have to get some easter and mother's day cards up in my store. I want to make and Easter egg iris folding card, will work on that this week, hopefully. I shouldn't be to crazy busy this week, so I should find some time.

Well, I need to close this blog for tonight, going on 11pm and tomorrow is church. There's a storm coming tonight, if I don't make it to church will probably watch Jimmy Swaggart on the internet. Check this out Talk to you later.



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