Sunday, March 8, 2009

♥mmmmmmm.......Nothing New♥

Yep, same old, same old..........nothing new.

Am so looking forward to Spring, well at least Daylight Savings started today, snowed quite a bit today, again, so looking forward to Spring.

Been making some cards and's a pair that I already have in my Etsy store. These earrings are my favorite, they will go with anything I wear, which I seem to wear alot of no clashes of color here. I have a set of cards I will be adding to my etsy store in a few days, go to: you will see them there.
Oh, I have to tell you.....I have started a diet, it shouldn't be too hard, all I am going to do is change the oils I use. Coconut oil, MCT oil and butter, oh and avacado oil. So far I have lost 1 1/2 lbs. I ran into a woman that weighed 300 lbs 10 years ago, she is down to 188 today. She changed the oils she consummed and one of them is coconut oil. Coconut oil is digestable where vegetable oil isn't. She has been using coconut oil for 3 years and has noticed quite a few things since using the oil. Her skin is very soft looking and her belly is flat!! Now this is what I desire to see happen. It seems the oils we use settle in our belly. I don't know all the technical words and terms, but it all makes sense to me. So I shall try it, if I can lose 20-30lbs, I would be happy with that kind of weight loss. I get so motivated watching the Biggest Loser, and have so many plans to lose...........but alas it just stays in my head. Well, today 1 1/2 lbs came off.....................will see what happens tomorrow, we had popcorn tonight, made the old fashioned way, with coconut oil!!!!
Well, I am going to close this blog for now...........have a great day and enjoy your days on earth.

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