Sunday, August 23, 2009

August is Almost Over..............

Sad but true, one more week to go. JP and my anniversary is on the 27th............yep...........36 years married and 2 years living together. 38 years of knowing each other. We have been through lots of ups and downs, smooth roads and bumpy roads and they still continue, except we have grown older and I hope wiser. We shall go out to eat, I hope, nothing else special happening. We were never much for big parties and such, like some people. Oh well, everyone is different.

Next month JP collects social security............gosh we are getting old, never thought we would make it this far. Will have to see about taking a picture of us together.

If you would like to go to I have written alot more on that blog, I think I am starting to fade out on this one and I would like to close for now. You have a good day and keep on keeping on.