Friday, December 19, 2008

WOW.......Featured on Treasury West!!!

Okay, it has been awhile since I last posted in this blog........sorry! I tend to gravitate to more than I do to this blog for some reason. Been very busy this past month, working, making cards, making cookies, decorating, keeping warm, etc, etc. Oh well, such is life in the big city and little hamlets.

Hey, for the first time ever, I was featured on 'Treasury West' I sure was surprised. Well, here is the shot of the treasury. There, top row, left side of the treasury, is my card.
Pretty exciting I tell ya...................>
Just now showing off the treasury. Just a little slow. Kinda bummed out that my Christmas cards did not sell via my Etsy store. But did sell some Christmas cards to a trucker friend of my husbands. Now I should be able to get my CUTTLEBUG, and make some new kinds, which should be fun.
What else is going on....mmmmm...lets see???? Been pretty busy working my merchandising job. For a part time job they sure keep me busy staying in Appleton, which is very fine with me....when the gas prices were up to $4 it sure was tuff to keep the tank even 1/2 full and when I am criss-crossing across the town of Appleton and into Kaukauna, makes for an expensive job. We still owe $1200 on this car for work done by the service station.........yikes and the car still has a few other flaws........hope it lasts till Jesus returns.
Anyways, gas prices have been pretty good, sitting at $1.71 as of yesterday. Wondering what will happen when Obama takes office where the gas prices will go?????? I am not a Democrat and did not vote for Obama, soooooo we will see where this world goes. I know one thing, when King Jesus comes back to rule this world, things will be just as it should be. PERFECT!!
January begins my Social Security............YAY, RAH, RAH, can hardly wait!!! WE are going out for a steak dinner......what a relief! I do plan on keeping on working as a merchandiser, that will keep me active, and if I could sell some more cards every now and then that would be great too!
Well, I am going to wrap this post up for now, if I don't get back before the new year.......Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year......2009......WOW! Who would have thought we would make it this far before the return of Jesus........well keep your eyes towards the east cause you just might see his soon return!
Have a great day..........Louise