Friday, June 5, 2009


Been going to Inches A Weigh for 6 weeks and have lost 8lbs and 20 inches............YAY!!!!!!!!! IAW has been my focus for now and probably will be till I have lost 50lbs and can be the biggest loser in this household.

Has been a very busy Spring for me. Went to a wedding in Chicago Memorial Day weekend. Sooo spent a month getting ready for that, had to rent a car, put the dogs in a kennel, buy JP and myself an outfit, etc. It was a nice trip, sure glad we don't live in Ill. Cars, cars everywhere, high energy everywhere..............whew was sure glad to get back to Appleton. Been working out in my gardens and trying to get stuff planted, lots of ideas and little money. Still working at merchandising my jobs, it pays some bills and gets me out and about. Making cards and selling on Etsy. Paying bills. Cleaning house. Etc, etc, etc. My little world is very busy and trying to balance everything is a challange.

Well you all have a good day, I am going to close this little blog for now. Time to get ready for IAW, have an appointment at 1:00pm, 40 minutes of strategic exercise then run on the treadmill and ride the bike for 20-30 minutes. That might burn about 100+ calories.

ttyl - Louise