Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Well today was Mother's Day. I am a mother, but not really. Gave my baby up for adoption in 1969...........39 years ago???????? So I am a "birth mother" My how time has flown.... I found Tiffany over the's a long story but we do communicate via IM messaging once a week or so. We haven't met face to face, probably the only reason being "distance and money" She lives in North Carolina, I live in Wisconsin. Plus maybe we are both shy. I know I am.......we've talked a couple of times on the phone, she has sent lots of pictures of her, and the two boys, Dalton and Devan. So I guess we have a good relationship, just the way it is. If we are meant to meet, it will happen.

Today was nice, got a pretty pink rose and a chocolate hearshy bar at church.......mmmmmm almost gone. Mother's Days in the past have been depressing, but since I found Tiffany they have been bearable to live through. I always hated when the mothers were acknowledged at church, I was always told to stand, (I wanted to hide) but, I would stand just to appease people. When Mother's Day would draw closer, I just wanted to hide......hated Mother's Day.

Yesterday JP and I went on a splurge, bought some lattice for morning glories to climb up and some flowers oh and some Italian basil and chocolate mint....mmmmmm smells so good. We even ate out, I had chicken and JP had a pork chop, we had a coupon $2 off so that helped, then the $2 became the waitresses tip. Quick in and out money, she gave it to us and we gave it back. :)

Well then we came home and planted some flowers and put up the lattice, hopefully the morning glories will grow up the lattice. Last year I trained the morning glories to grow up string............looked nice but not very professional. Here's a picture.
I will have to take a picture of the lattice, looks actually nice, hopefully it will add a little bit of "curb appeal" to the house. JP has really gotten into the "flower thing" and wants to plant flowers all over the place. Should look nice around here after awhile. I can hardly wait.

Here's another picture of Morning Glory, they sure looked pretty last summer. I started some "Passion Flowers" a few weeks ago, but they did not germanate. Gosh I spent $2.29 for that package and there were only 5 seeds.......good grief!!!! Too late to take the seeds back to the store. So I guess blue and white morning glories will be growing this summer. They are old seeds, so hopefully they will grow.

I guess I will close this blog for now............maybe add a few more pictures of some earrings I made, I think this blog is for earrings, I did put some earrings up in the other blog. Most likely I will get confused and put cards and earring on this one or the other......oh well what ever works. Have a good day.

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Diane ~Ever so Dear jewelry artisan said...

Thank you for sharing from your heart about Mother's Day, Tiffany & even about your Morning Glories!
You have a wonderful blog!!