Friday, April 25, 2008

Blog Number 2

This is my second blog of which is (I hope) more colorful. As for blog number 1, I will still use it, in what fashion I am not sure. Maybe this one will be for earrings and that one for cards, or visa versa. For now, I am still lets just have some fun and see what comes up.
To your right is one of my fashioned earrings, just plan glass beads from Wal-mart. So the price is not high, $7. I have not gotten into the Sworovski crystal as yet.............when I do the price will
For now I am just having fun making earrings and shopping around to see what I can find and what looks pretty. One problem I have run into though is that I have to make two pairs at a time, one to sell and one to wear on my ears of this may not be a big money maker, hopfully the cards will "take off and fly away" one at a time or in sets of 8 (2 birthday, 2 sympathy, 2 get well, 2 blank), this is my plan in the next couple of weeks. See how it goes.
Well I think I will close this blog for today as it is 5:17pm and I really did not do all that I wanted to accomplish today.........ha, the dishes are still in the sink and the kitchen is a mess!!!!

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