Sunday, May 11, 2008

A New Pair of Earrings

These look a little bit blurry....mmmmmmmm think I will try another picture.

This looks better, you get the idea......I made a pair for myself, seem to wear these all the time, they go with everything I wear. Both the black and pink toppers and bottom beads are glass with a metal bead in the middle. Very simple but elegant. I am selling them on my etsy store for $6.50 and $1.50 postage ($8 total). If you are interested go to my store. I will take paypal and you can also use your credit card and paypal will walk you through the payment procedure.

Well you have a good's 1:06am, time to go to bed, as you can see I am a night owl. I probably will go back to and see what is on the forum and chime in alittle bit before I hit the sack. TTYL :)

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Diane ~Ever so Dear jewelry artisan said...

Hi Louise~
It's so nice seeing you spread your wings by making jewelry in addition to cards! :)