Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, I am learning, there is always something new to learn, learning is what we are here for, it is said that once you think you know it all, what else is there to do but die. Well, I am not ready to die yet so I guess I just will keep on'a learning.

Here's what I learned tonight........................>
Yep, I learned how to take a picture of my store then put it in "paint" then fiddled around and cut and pasted and wala here is what I got. These are the directions I used........Click ctrl and print scree button, then open paint, then click ctrl and V (view) then save as (jpeg). To get just the pictures I cut then pasted, back into paint and renamed again in jpeg..........will have to try it again to see if it works then write it down................ramble, ramble, ramble.

My first two cards are new to the store, "I love Paris" although I have never been there and my "Dried Pansies" happy Birthday cards. I have been really happy with my store, and it's been fun, I would like to see more things sold, not sure what the hold up is. Prices are right in line with most other card stores, guess the right person has not come along yet.

I am going to start selling some of my stamps, a few here and and a few there.......maybe they will be a hot item. Two stamps for the price of one, most of my stamps will be 1/2 price, and there is very little use and they are still in good shape.

Will be adding a few more earrings and a few bracelets, possibly as's if I make them and not want to wear them. I really admire so many of the Etsy jewelery artists, they make such beautiful jewelery PLUS they are able to sell 100's of pieces.........that's the trick you know, to keep your stuff before the customer........using eye catching photography, bright colors, yep...........

Well, I think I will close this blog for today, been rambling on like as if someone will really read you take care and take JESUS!!!!!!

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